Toyin Lawani puts up a defence for killing animals to make fur then replies as follower cautions her for it

Toyin Lawani shared new photos of herself surrounded by fur pieces then tried to make a case for killing animals to make fur. But some of her followers accused her of promoting animal cruelty and she replied defending her stance. Toyin took to Instagram to advertise one of her creations. In the photos, fur can be seen strategically placed in the background. Toyin then explained in her caption that the animals used to make fur are killed because they are seen as a threat and it’s either you kill them or they kill you.  Toyin captioned one of the photos: Swipe and look around me , me I see fox for market Abroad buy , not like I’m insensitive, but if I stand near some of this animals , them go still chop me , so emabinu, I love this beauty , but when death is steering you in the eyes will you let them ? So I want to think some of the people who kill this animals and sell see them as a treat in the wilderness or to their camping , it’s like a bear now ,Shey if it comes visit your camp ,u will stay to pet it and be friends ? After you kill it what do you do with it? Preserve it and make money , so I feel some of this animals might even be killed in the process of they protecting themselves. My 2scents and I don’t support animal cruelty, so stop writing crap on my page ,ma block yin nio , I pay attention to details and go extra miles to get props that makes my work stand out as a stylist today is sunday ,let’s pray   When a follower accused her of promoting animal cruelty, Toyin replied: “I wonder why some people still eat chicken and Bush meat and come out to form advocate,for Animal Cruelty or is chicken and the Goats you are eating not animals. Do you know how many chicken or peacock feathers goes into creating some of the garments u wear . Ewo efi fur mile joor, hypocrisy on another level , tebari lion ni jungle eduro ke pet e.”  Another follower told the fashion designer that she shouldn’t compare chickens and goats to the animals killed for their fur because those animals are endangered. The follower went on to encourage Toyin to become one of the SDG campaigners and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including to end animal cruelty.  In reply, Toyin said: “Pls I’m not understanding how fur ,inequality and poverty entered this fur matter  can only me end poverty? Do you even realize I realized recently that some people have poverty mentality and will judge Any move you make . like when I said I sent my kid to school abroad and someone said what’s the big deal there ,that it’s not an achievement like when you see that opportunity you won’t take it, ewo Aunty efimile o, tell other celebs when them start I go join. I go leave my children and life problems go dey campaign for animal abi ekontinu boya mojo oyinbo loju yin ni or all this posh things I’m doing is deceiving you.”  Animal rights activists have been calling for people to stop wearing fur so as to help preserve animals killed for fur production. Queen Elizabeth’s stylist, Angela Kelly recently revealed that the British Queen will stop wearing real fur and animal rights activists were pleased to hear this.The post Toyin Lawani puts up a defence for killing animals to make fur then replies as follower cautions her for it appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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