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Too Much Mayonnaise: Black University Of Virginia Student Tells White People To Raise Up Out The Multicultural Center [Video]

Hampton Creek allowed to keep Just Mayo brand name

Source: Richard Levine / Getty

Black UVA Student Sparks Outrage Addressing Whites In Multicultural Center

A viral video recorded at the University of Virginia (yes, the one in Charlottesville where a race riot broke out in 2017) has sent Caucasians and right-wingers into an apoplectic rage.

In the clip that was first posted to Twitter, an unidentified Black woman student stood up and addressed the white students who had taken up space in the 4-day-old multicultural center. The bold sista did NOT mince words and was met with applause after let be known that they need to move around.

Whites on Twitter are PISSED.

F**k ’em. They’ll be aight.

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