Studly And Stunning: Princess Nokia Flosses Her Tomboyish Tatas For Playboy’s Equality Issue

Princess Nokia for PLAYBOY

Source: Lou Escobar / Courtesy PLAYBOY

Princess Nokia Talks Androgyny, Music And More For PLAYBOY Equality Issue

Major props to PLAYBOY Magazine on their new EQUALITY issue which is out now and features genre and gender bending singer/rapper Princess Nokia clothed and in her birthday suit discussing her gender non-conformity, her music and challenges she’s faced.

Here’s a few choice quotes via PLAYBOY:

“Every day I feel different. Every day it’s either masc or femme or in between. Every day is goth or bohemian,” Princess Nokia tells Playboy, “When I wake up and feel an energy, I coexist with it.”

“I’m a gender-nonconforming androgynous person,” Nokia says. “But some people are like, ‘What happened to your tomboy phase?’ ”

“I love being proud of how studly I am, how boyish and how manly I can appear. I love being androgynous,” Nokia says. “I feel beautiful like that. It’s just another beautiful side of me.”

We never realized that Nokia identified as androgynous but it’s dope that PLAYBOY offered up a great platform to discuss. There’s so many people who identify as gender fluid or non-conforming and the world definitely needs to recognize that.

Another thing we liked about the Playboy issue was that it touched on Nokia’s identity as a santera, a priestess of Santería, as well as her difficult childhood and young adult life. For fans of Nokia’s music, the article also sheds some light on her new album which is currently untitled.

“In my new album I’m trying to embody how special my sign makes me and how unique it’s made my career,” she says. “I’ve been called lots of hurtful things based on who I am, on my spiritualism, on my astrological planning chart, on my duality.”

Nokia is resilient AF, that’s one thing that’s for sure.

Check out more images from the story below and you can get a copy of the Equality issue of PLAYBOY here.

Princess Nokia for PLAYBOY
Princess Nokia for PLAYBOY
Princess Nokia for PLAYBOY
Princess Nokia for PLAYBOY

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