#RHOA Shade Files: NeNe Says Kenya ‘Can’t Keep A Man’ & Explains Their Toronto Blowup

NeNe Says Kenya ‘Can’t Keep A Man’ & Explains Their Toronto Blowup

If you watched the latest episode of #RHOA then you saw the moment that things reached a fever pitch in Toronto. After Yovanna was exposed as the “RHOA snake” who was tied up in those Cynthia Bailey “recording rumors”, NeNe and Kenya got into a near brawl.

At one point while NeNe was trying to keep Cynthia from leaving, Kenya jumped in and put her finger in NeNe’s face which set NeNe ALL the way off and a near brawl ensued. Producers and castmates had to break the ladies up and NeNe tried to chase Kenya down a hallway to confront her.


On her “The Life of NeNe” YouTube Channel, Nene explained that she was angry because there’s an unwritten rule between them that you can’t invade each other’s personal space. That rule apparently started after NeNe and Porsha’s reunion blowup when Kenya put her scepter in Porsha’s face.

“She stretches and put her finger all the way in my face. So let’s start right there,” she said. “So there’s a rule, but you know the rules don’t apply for me, that when there’s a heated exchange, you do not get in people’s personal space. That’s a rule among us, especially ever since Kenya put the scepter in Porsha’s face, it has been a clear rule that when words are being exchanged, you stay out of people’s personal space. When she put her hand all the way in my face, listen, right over here in between my eyes, you know I wasn’t going to go for that. That’s crazy.”


“Don’t do that because that’s going to get you jacked up girl,” she added. “Putting your hand in somebody’s face — it had nothing to do with her. I was trying to talk to Cynthia. I wasn’t talking to her at all. So it was just crazy. I was only talking to Cynthia. She didn’t have to do that, because if I did it, all hell would break loose.”

Throughout her video, NeNe was adamant that she’s not playing the victim but points out that the “rules are different” when it comes to her. “There’s a lot of things that are unfair,” said NeNe.

She also tried to dispel a rumor that Kenya claimed that NeNe spit at her during their near altercation. Mind you, however, Kenya said that the NeNe “hocking spit” scene happened during a DIFFERENT cast trip—when they went to Greece. 

“Do I ever spit on Kenya? No! Why she went and told those lies, is again, to be malicious. And her putting her hand in my face is just a no,” she said. “She shouldn’t do it and everything should be fair for every single one of us.”

Did NeNe forget about that or is she just deflecting? She said on Twitter that RHOA fans should watch with “clear eyes.”



NeNe had Moore (get it?) to say, hit the flip.

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