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QuaranTrappin’: Summer Walker Reminded Everyone That She’s Slim Thick Bawwwdy GOALS

Socially awkward R&Baddie Summer Walker reminded everyone that she’s slim thick bawwwdy GOALS (like, forreal forreal) in a save-worthy InstaStory post currently fueling all sorts of quaranTHIRST across social media (and beyond) at a stressful time where thirst traps are literally saving sexless lives.

Oh yes, she’s baaaad-a lil kooky and peculiar but bad nonetheless–with quite possibly the hottest, most coveted celebrity body (other than our baddie bestie Draya’s) that, once again, set off endless waves of heart eyes, thirsty comments, speculation about her surgeries and hater envy across the internet.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Summer Walker’s amazing quaranthirst trap on the flip.

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