Meet ‘Mamu Nyieta’ – A Cameroonian Rhumba-RnB Artiste

Born in August , 20, 1993, as Nyieta Emile Mamu, Mamu Nyieta is a rhumba-RnB artist, who can trace his roots back to Mbembe of the North-West Province of Cameroon.

Even though born in Nkambe, he has spent most of his live in Yaoundé and Douala.
Mamu Nyieta sings in French, English and Lingala, mixing rhumba styles with RnB rhythms and a bit of Hip hop. At the age of 10 his admiration for Fally Ipupa and Soleil Wanga (of Quartier Latin) pushed him to begin learning Lingala (Congolese language) from Congolese friends and their parents whenever they came to Yaoundé.This passion has forever grown and evolved, seeing him in school choirs, becoming social and music prefect, joining orchestra in Bamenda, Nkongsamba, and right up till 2012 when he formed Afro Digit(a four man band made up of Kikoh, Sponko, Tiana and Mamu Nyieta ) in Douala.

He was admired by many producers who spotted out his talent as raw and unique. His flexibility, composing skills and ability to adapt and sing in most genres of music, attracted Mister B.O. the C.E.O. of Street 237 Entertainment, who was later to manage and brand him to the new Mamu Nyieta he will become. A year later, Mamu left afro digit and joined Street 237 Entertainment to release his first single titled “Prisca(Bebe Nangai)”in 2014.His unique style and brand attracted many featuring with singers and rappers, like Cleo Grae. In 2015 Mamu featured in the Street 237 Entertainment label compilation album titled “Lala Ooh” alongside label mates Louis Alga, Kefhal King, Samira Leiny, Gloria de Francesca and Prince Cliffy.His single in the compilation album was “Party Baby” a rhumba-RnB fusion which got positive appraissals from celebrities such as Dynastie le Tigre.
Mamu Nyieta is currently preparing towards his first album,and on 28th of November 2016, he released his first single titled “Motema” (meaning My Heart in Lingala),which is a love story between him and Kim who can’t stay apart for long without wanting to see each other.
“Dream girl” is his second single of his upcoming debut album, to drop in 2018.

This is an up-beat fusion of afrobeats and rhumba with a Cameroon Northwest touch, produced by Mr B.O. Here Mamu Nyieta sings in French, English and Lingala with a danceable tune, surprising his fans with this unusual tempo for him. He is seen in search of his dream girl, as he moves from one African model to the other hoping to find “the one”. From the trees to the grass to the road the video is filled with beauty of the African lady as he searches. He finally settles for his dream girl at the end of this dance tune.
“Dream girl” is a colourful and upbeat song with an African design concept (dressing credit to Ashtar Maope Designs) and a smooth video editing from Magnifique Pictures.

This is a good song for the holidays and a good warm up for the unique upcoming debut album.

This is part of a big plan to bring back entertainment to its highest heights,even if it means surprising his fans from time to time with a change in rhythm and technique from him .By using radio and TV promotions, coupled with live performances and subsequent releases, the single “Dream Girl” is part of a big mission set by Mamu Nyieta, the new passionate Rhumba-RnB ambassador in Cameroon. This is Africa where French, English,pidgin and Rhumba combine.”Mbote Mbote ” is the introduction phrase.

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