If you want a long lasting relationship, remember these 3 small things

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Everyone gets into a relationship with the hope that it lasts forever if not a long time. 

Often it is not the case as arguments arise from things that can be solved quite easily if partners took time. 

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According to lifehack.org, these are the simple things partners need to do to ensure that their relationship lasts longer:

1. Take time before responding when you are angry 

There are things that your partner does that easily set you off?

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In that moment of anger, you lose the ability to reason and see things clearly, leading you to say things that you may regret later.

In this case, take time, preferably twenty-four hours before responding to your partner calmly and reasonably.

2. Do not say ‘I don’t mind.’

Sometimes you may want to be nice in the relationship by agreeing to everything your partner says.

At some point, stop being nice and disagree with your partner on certain things.

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Express yourself clearly to your partner and he or she will see your point.

3. It’s okay to go to bed angry 

Contrary to people’s opinions, it is okay to go to bed angry.

At the end of a hard day, you may not be able to reason clearly.

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Getting a good night sleep will recharge you, and you will see things in the right perspective the following day.

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