Hit Me Baby One More Time: ‘Kini Clad Britney Spears Yoga Flows For Your Viewing Pleasure

britney spears

Source: WENN / WENN

Britney Spears Shares Time Lapse Yoga Video On Instagram

Hit me baby one more time or Namaste right here? Seems it’s a little of both for Britney Spears, who shared a bikini clad time lapse video where she moves through some yoga flowing effortlessly. Check it out below:

She’s still looking pretty fit. The singer also still clearly favors teal swimsuits, the top photo is from 2009, she’s a little curvier now but for the most part has maintained her shape. Looks like Britney is pretty dedicated to her downward dogging. She says she does yoga every day. Do you think Britney will be back on stage any time soon or will she shift her career like she shifts her poses? One thing is for sure — she’s gonna make sure she has a great bikini bawwwwwdy either way.

Are y’all still checking for Britney? Who do you think in the pop world today has a career that rivals hers?

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