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Here’s How Fans Are Reacting To Lyrica & A1’s Insufferably Toxic Feud At The #LHHReunion…

Lyrica, A1

Source: LHHReunion / VH1

Nasty Fight Pops Off Between Lyrica & A1 During #LHHReunion

Last night’s “Love and Hip Hop Hollyweird Reunion” show featured one of the longest and nastiest arguments between producer A1 and estranged wife Lyrica Anderson, involving their mothers. Fans suffered from secondhand embarrassment as the couple and their moms threw nasty shots at each other for almost 20 minutes!

The conversation was at its calmest before things popped off, you can see that clip below.

This scene escalated into the mothers nearly TUSSLING on stage and A1 belittling Lyrica’s mother for about 5 minutes. A1 also refused to apologize for dragging his wife and being a cheater, saying he didn’t “owe anyone anything”. It was just bad overall. Fans were so fed up, they’re calling for Lyrica and A1 to just fille divorce papers!

Hit the flip to see.

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