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Hell Naw, Shawty: Creepy McCreeper Hacks Family’s Doorbell Monitor, Talks To Father And Young Daugther [Video]

Doorbell-Camera Company Ring Partners With Over 400 Police Departments, Raising Surveillance Concerns

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Creepy Hacker Takes Over Surveillance Monitor And Talks To Family

Ring doorbell monitors are SUPPOSED to secure your home from strangers and weirdos but for one Nebraska family it was actually and invite to those very same people.

According to Fox32 Chicago, father and his young daughter got a very unwelcome surprise when their unit was hacked by some basement-dwelling loser who has WAY too much access to wi-fi.

Adam Krcilek owns an Amazon Ring unit and placed the monitor in his kitchen. One day, upon leaving the room, a voice spoke to his young daughter asking “What are you watching? Hey, What show is that? I’ve seen that show before. What episode are you on.”

Upon returning, the voice also speaks to Adam:

When Krcilek reenters the room and opens the fridge, the voice says, “What are you eating?” Krcilek looks around and approaches the camera as he asks: “Who is this?”

This is the type of s#!t that makes our skin crawl. Check out the eerie video…

Hell. F**k. Naw. Shawty.

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