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Don’t Tell 50: French Montana Accused Of Faking Streams By Hacking Spotify Accounts

French Montana And IRIE At One Night Only

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French Montana Accused Of Faking Streams Via Hacking Spotify Accounts

French Montana just can’t catch a break. Last month he was hospitalized for an extended stay right before his album dropped, then his album dropped and he went to Instagram to boast about selling half a million records. The problem with that is the consumers are more understanding of how numbers work these days. French’s album contained records from as far back as 2016 that tally up to the 500k while his actual sales were barely over 25k of the number he bragged about. Hip-hop heads were quick to notice this ugly finesse which only landed him #25 on the Billboard charts and his lowest debut yet.

After boasting, French went back to his normal jet setting life. For the past few weeks, French has had a back and forth with 50 Cent that’s tied up his social media but one Twitter user noticed something fishy happening with one of his single from his album.

Out of nowhere, his failed single “Writing On The Wall” featuring the two biggest artists of 2019 (Cardi B & Post Malone) started to quietly resurface on the Spotify charts. One user noticed the song being played on their Spotify despite never playing French Montana since they’ve had Spotify. This kept happening and prompted them to search Twitter and see if this was happening to anyone else. This is when the finesse was exposed.

Not only were a few Spotify users seeing this song in the recently played songs, but some also reported having the song play out of nowhere. Tons of Spotify users reported the issue. For the song in question to be a song that was released last September by an artist claiming they sold 500k when only 24k bought their album, this made Twitter users do a deep dive. The results are eye-opening and seemingly point to French and his label paying for illegal plays to boost the song.

You can read the full deep dive below.

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