Does Long Courtship Guarantee A Successful Marriage?

Long courtship is becoming a norm in today’s society, as a result of rise in the rate of divorce. So many people believe that courting for so long will enable them prevent such occureance.

But then do you think that long courtship is a criteria in determining a successful martiage.

Do you think that by courting your to be spouse for long, you will definitely know everything about them?


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Yaron mudi
the authorYaron mudi


  • No! I met a couple that dated for 5 years and when they finally got married, the wife complained about her husband’s snoring. I mean after 5 years you didn’t know he snores ahbi 🙄🙄😂

    Biko I’m just here to write rubbish.. But then long courtship doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship. Some people never finish know themselves

  • You see ba,everybody with his own luck kawai,some can stay for 10yrs pretending to themselves after marriage boom everyone will unleash the dragon in them,while others stay 6month n 1yr n leave in peace as if they’ve known each other all their lives,d main thing is transperancy weda long or short make it happen,put in your best,don’t pretend……

  • Courtship is very important before marriage. long courtship is advised by most marriage counselors because it gives you more time to understand you future spouse, sometimes you fall in love with the wrong person, only to realize later that it was the wrong person(prolly cos the motive was wrong from either side).
    The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.
    courtship should take more than a year, I often advise my students to court for 3 years, but also courtship continues even in marriage (Pastor.Mrs. Bimbo O., how to choose a life partner;2003)

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