Temzy Mic Collections

Are you a student?
Or trying to get a side hustle?

Have you ever wondered how to order items from aboard? Or get the cheapest wears and accessories from aboard whether for business or personal use?

Yes I tell you it is very possible to order stuffs from China all by yourself and clear them till your doorstep.

You can start this mini importation business with just the minimum of 15-20, 000 Naira


1. Introduction
2. Website Translation
3. Desktop view of the website.
4. Search box and Image search.
5. MOQ of Product.
6. Shipping within China.
7. Choosing size and color (If Necessary)
8. Product Properties.
9. Product Evaluation
10. Entering the shop
11. How to spot fake product
12. Chatting with Factory Sales Manager
13. How to Order.
14. Procurement Agent Contact and commission.
15. Shipping Company Contact.
16. Shipping Method
17. Creating of Account
18. Goods Clearing in Nigeria.

All you need is to join the fast growing mini importation business Master (class)

Feel: N2,000



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