The Christmas classic Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer not only introduced us to the reindeer that has a bright honker, but also to Hermey, an elf who wants to pursue a career in dentistry rather than settle on being a toymaker. It’s not hard to see why. He’s probably observed all […]

When it comes to enjoying fine wine, every drop counts — you don’t want those delicious grapes dying for nothing! But when you choose to consume vino in your string of holiday parties, you will inevitably experience some spillage, especially when things start getting a little rowdy (hey, it’s normal). […]

Doing a mad dash from your shower to your door may be convenient for you most of the time, but when it’s winter, you might want to reconsider. Stepping out in the cold with wet hair can cause damage to your locks, and when it’s freezing, your hair can actually […]

Few things ruin first impressions more than wrinkled clothing. Imagine showing up to a first date, or a job interview, or meeting your significant other’s family wearing a creased shirt. Your first impression is already destroyed before you even utter a word. But we all know that maintaining freshly-pressed clothes […]

Life’s always better when looked at through rose-colored glasses — so why not apply that same concept to time? A color that is perennially both timeless and chic, any accessory that’s tinged with rose gold will always stay on-trend. Whether it’s a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace, a rose gold […]

Most high-end smartphones these days prioritize cameras above anything else. But let’s face it — no matter how many lenses and megapixels are packed in your phone, everyone knows that they’re only good for selfies and general snaps. If you want to do justice to, say, a scenic sunset or […]

Bamboo has become our new favorite nature-saving novelty. In an effort to become more environmentally-conscious, people have been ditching single-use plastic for bamboo alternatives, as seen in the prevalence of products like bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo tumblers, and bamboo eating utensils. And now, the eco-friendly material is dominating the […]

The Christmas specials of your local cafe are great and all, but you know what’s not great? The headache-inducing total sum of your coffee expenditure by the end of the month. And while it’s cheaper to make your own cuppa joe at home, it’s not really feasible when you’re in […]

Replicating your stylist’s tricks at home is…well, impossible. Even if you try to use every single tool and product they’ve applied to your tresses, you still can’t achieve the salon-smooth look they always manage to pull off. And that’s because they have styling secrets they typically don’t disclose, even to […]

If you’re planning on hosting a bunch of end-of-the-year parties this year, you need to design a banger of an invitation to entice your guests to come to your shindig — meaning you need to possess some semblance of design skills in order to put together a decent invite. Heck, […]

Sous vide cooking sounds like an overly complicated culinary method that only professional chefs can do, but it’s actually relatively simple. A technique mostly used in restaurants, it involves heating food in a pot of water to achieve the perfect temperature and the preferred doneness level. But this isn’t to […]

Live in an area that doesn’t exactly allow for a white Christmas, but still want to experience a winter wonderland this holiday season? You don’t have to be knees deep in ice to find some winter fun. In fact, all you need is Atelier Delfina’s White Swarovski Center Snowflake Necklace […]

When it comes to comfort food, everyone knows that Paula Deen is the best of the best. Dubbed as the Queen of Southern Cuisine, she rose to prominence thanks to her array of specialties, including chicken pot pies, barbecue sandwiches, butter-soaked treats, and deep-fried munchies. But even the culinary legend […]

There’s truly no luxury greater than rocking the holy trinity of the Apple tech collection (iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods), but it comes with a price: cable clutter. Each gadget comes with its own cable and plug, and while you can technically use a single wire for all of them, […]

Choosing a hairdryer is just as crucial as, say, choosing a new hair cut. Whether you have curly locks or stick-straight hair, a reliable hairdryer is essential, especially if you count on it to style your mane to perfection every morning. You obviously want one that will dry your hair […]

Earphones are now fashion statements. What used to be utilitarian accessories are now considered trendy, as evidenced by the increasing number of people sporting wired or wireless earphones or headphones as if they’re expensive jewelry. But there’s no denying that most earphones look dull and boring, and if it weren’t […]

The iPod and other similar standalone music players are pretty much a relic these days given that everyone streams music using their smartphones and through platforms like Spotify. This offers an extra level of convenience, except for when you want to stream music when you’re on the move or when […]

Don’t listen to the haters; summer’s not the only time to whip out your favorite wayfarers and aviators. A seasonless essential, sunglasses are a required accessory year-round, whether you’re basking under the harsh rays of the sun or avoiding its reflection in the snow. And if you feel like you […]

The holiday season is undoubtedly chaotic. Between the last minute shopping, battling fourth quarter madness at work, and attending event after an event, you’ll barely have time to put together outfits that encapsulate the holiday spirit. But there’s a workaround: wearing accessories that add a flair of festivity throughout the […]

It seems counterintuitive to work with two screens when you’re using a laptop, but sometimes you simply get bombarded with so much work, it necessitates the use of another display. Of course, lugging an extra monitor around isn’t exactly feasible when you’re on the go, or working out of your […]

Every holiday festivity requires some head bob-inducing beats, and that means you need a speaker that will fill any room with high-quality sonics that people could groove their hips to. But most top-rated speakers cost a pretty penny, and it’s hard to spare extra greenbacks this time around considering that […]

Whiskey is known to be the drink of the sophisticated, so it only makes sense that your glass of choice should be as fancy as the beverage itself. You shouldn’t enjoy your high-quality nightcap in something like a plastic cup you’ve owned since your dorm days in college. Whether you’re […]

As you stack up the presents under your Christmas tree this year, you should also be considering ramping up the security in your home. Burglaries are rampant during the holidays, and you don’t want to spoil your festivities by allowing yourself to be a victim of theft. The best course […]