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So Sad: 4-Year-Old Boy Dies After Mother Consults Anti-Vaxxer Facebook Group For Flu Treatment Advice

Source: Ishara S.KODIKARA / Getty 4-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Dies After Mother Allegedly Consulted Anti-Vaxxer Facebook Group For Help According to KKTV, a 4-year-old Colorado boy named Najee died after having a flu-related seizure. “The Colorado Department of Public Health and...

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Man Sentenced To 8 Years After Fatally Punching Man That Allegedly Tried To Break Into His Daughters Bathroom Stallo Break Into His Daughters Bathroom Stall

Source: picture alliance / Getty Phoenix Dad Gets 8 Years For Fatally Beating Man That Tried To Break Into Daughters Bathroom Stall According to the NY Daily News, a Phoenix father is sitting behind bars after he reportedly beat a man...

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So Sad: Diddy Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Kim Porter On The 1-Year Anniversary Of Her Death

Source: Rich Lee – PA Images / Getty Diddy Shares Emotional Video On The Anniversary Of Kim Porter’s Death It’s officially been one year since the late model and ex-girlfriend of Diddy passed away from lobar pneumonia. So the mogul took to...

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That Ain’t How This Works Bruh: Prisoner Believes He Served His Life Sentence After Briefly Dying And Being Resuscitated

Source: Byron Hirsch / EyeEm / Getty Prisoner Serving Life Argues That He Served Life Sentence After Briefly Dying And Being Revived According to the NY Times, a prisoner is reportedly currently appealing his prison sentence because he believes he’s...