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People Ain’t Isht: Dr. Fauci Forced To Beef Up Security As Far-Right MAGA Bootlickers Threaten His Life For Telling The Truth

Source: Win McNamee / Getty Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx are the adult voice of reason during Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus press-briefing-turned-campaign-rally that are typically filled with lies, exaggerations, and hyperbole. Often times, the doctors are rebuffing, in...

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F-U, You Know! Zack Morris Tethered Congressman Matt Gaetz Drowned In Mumbo Sauce For Questioning $13 Million Howard University Funding

Source: The Washington Post / Getty Yesterday the Senate passed a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package bill that was written to keep American citizens, businesses, cities, and essential services afloat during this difficult time of social distancing. There was much...

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BIGOT-19: Indian Woman Spit On And Called “Corona” In Delhi’s North Campus, Asian Community Shares Similar Stories [Photos]

Source: andre bernardo / Getty Asian people of all types are being attacked physically and verbally by bigots and racists looking to blame them for the coronavirus pandemic. The latest case of hate crime comes from North Campus, Delhi where...

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FLAW-duh Politics: Commissioner Chews Out The Mayor At Council Meeting For Cutting Off Utilities During Coronavirus Crisis [VIDEO]

Source: Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images / Getty Remember this name — Omari Hardy. Not to be confused with actor Omari Hardwick, the Lake Worth Beach Commissioner went viral this week thanks to a two minute clip where he...

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Coronaracist: Soup Cookie Senator John Cornyn Says Blame China For COVID-19 Because They Eat Bats

Source: Tom Williams / Getty Coronavirus has become not only a global pandemic but an opportunity for racists to step into their purpose as the bigoted bowel movements that they really are. While 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump...

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BIGOT-19: Asian Woman Accosted On Train By Coronaracist Blaming Her For Pandemic, Upstander Intervenes [Video]

Source: Roy Rochlin / Getty Coronavirus hasn’t got people acting differently, it’s got them acting like exactly who they are. Sadly, that means racist pieces of s#!t. An Asian straphanger riding the subway was accosted by a man accusing her...

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Get Well: Andrew Gillum Announces He’s Going To Rehab After Intoxicated Incident In Miami Hotel

Source: Joe Skipper / Getty Last week BOSSIP reported on the strange incident involving former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum. Gillum was found unresponsive and intoxicated inside a Miami hotel room with another man who was identified as Travis Dyson. We’ll...

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Hate Crime: Indian Immigrant Beaten Brutally In Israel By 2 Coronavirus-Fearing Men Who Thought He Was Chinese

Source: Rosley Majid / EyeEm / Getty Coronavirus is exposing people’s stupidity, racism, xenophobia, and more. According to Times Of Israel, an Indian immigrant, 28-year-old Am-Shalem Singson, was violently attacked by two men who thought it was hilarious to call...

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