we simply weren’t worthy. #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade pic.twitter.com/oHGDiCSBea — Reggie E. (@firstklass_regg) December 1, 2019 Hilarious #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade Tweets There were so many classic, iconic and HILARIOUS Black Twitter moments over the past decade that we absolutely had to bring you another legendary batch of viral foolery to properly celebrate the best (and […]

Ima tell my kids these are the founding fathers pic.twitter.com/DqvJcTuEzY — KO (@deadboyko) November 13, 2019 Hilarious ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes 2019 will be remembered for messy shenanigans and CLASSIC memes that continued with the hilarious “gonna tell my kids” wave currently flooding the internet while reminding everyone YET […]