Ari Lennox

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Here’s Why Uncle Snoop Is Getting Dragged Back To Jada’s Red Table Timeout

“Welcome back to the show, Snoop” — Virginia’s Very Own (@Dxrryl2Times) April 1, 2020 Look, everybody’s stressed during these uncertain times which may explain why Uncle Snoop randomly shaded our shea buttery boo thang Ari Lennox under a video...

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You Don’t Even Go Here: Kidz Bop Karaoke Kween Lizzo Gets DRAGGED After Winning SOUL TRAIN AWARDS Over Ari Lennox

Lizzo won best soul album over Ari Lennox?! — Kitchen Beautician. (@JLaCocaina) November 19, 2019 Twitter Vs. Lizzo (AGAIN) 2019 refuses to stop 2019’ing and continued its stressful shenanigans with this year’s somewhat enjoyable Soul Train Awards where Kidz...