BOSSIP Premiere: Jade de LaFleur’s Music Video, “Toxic”

Louisiana Chanteuse Drops New Single, “Toxic”

Artist Jade de LaFleur’s sings about a relationship gone wrong in her new single, “Toxic.”

In the video, viewers get up close and personal with the singer/songwriter as she serenades the camera about her toxic love affair.

de LaFleur said a bad breakup inspired the song:

“I was also going through a breakup at the time … something that I wanted to last, but that I also knew probably shouldn’t. “Toxic” was everything I was feeling at the time, and I wanted to write, release, and let go!”

Filed in just two hours, “Toxic” was shot on location at the Southdown Plantation in de LaFleur’s Louisiana hometown.

“I remember always being drawn into its beauty and then also acknowledging it as a plantation,” de LaFleur said. “So I’ve always wanted to shoot there, reclaim it, and turn around what that memory would be and feel like to me, for me and mine.”

“Toxic” is the on her album, The Green Horse.

Check out the video above.

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