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Bae Of The Day: Ari Lennox Is One Of The Most Beautiful Women In The Game

2019 Soul Train Awards - Show

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Ari Lennox Is Bae

If you know us then you know we love us some Ari Lennox. She gave us one of the best albums of the year last year and has been a beacon of light for everyone on the internet. Well one dust bubble decided to hop on Twitter and talk about the way Ari and Teyana Taylor look and we’re sick and tired of y’all being trash like this.

Ari even had to respond:

Usually we’d drag that crunchy-socked sack of sadness but we’re going to go the opposite route. Instead, we are going to give Ari some roses now. So let’s look at some of the reasons she is a stunning black woman we are lucky to have in our lives.

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This tour run has been the most rewarding, funniest and humbling experience to wrap up such a beautiful year. The third day i caught a cold and that shit broke me down beautifully and terrifyingly and mentally so. It needed to happen. My soul needed one more major reminder of how blessed I am and how far we’ve come. I was in Copenhagen and Frankfurt, places I never thought my music would touch and now I wanted nothing more than to simply sing my fn face off for the beautiful people. But I struggled. In that moment I realized this was the true award. We already won 😭 we touching people with soul music and sweet ratchetry. We have genuine supporters that fuck with who we truly are, wether I’m at my best or worst. This run made me so strong and prepared. I was texting @durandbernarr pondering giving up and he got my dramatic ass allthe way together. Thanks babe. I’m glad I opened my eyes to see the beauty in the pain. I’m glad I fully appreciate what I have in front of me. A wise fuzzy man told me comparing is the thief of joy. I refuse to be oblivious to my blessings before me. Being loved on and nurtured by my beautiful on the road family and off the road family was everything. I love you @shaughncooper You are literally the sweetest angel ever 😭 thanks for the talks and amazing pictures. S/o to @rebelraemusic incredibly talented self for being my vocal teacher lol and demanding rest for my life. Thanks to @azzasuliman for being a genuine angel oracle magician and helping us with everything you could imagine. My sweet manager @justinlamotte selflessly looked out for me with love so pure ❤ he just a good fn person. @__proudmary I love you girl you the best TM ever. @ceejaydrumz @taylr_the_g and @i_am_mrworthy y’all the best musicians Hands down!!! Wouldn’t know what to do without yalls beautiful energies. I love you @madeinamiraca You a fn real one! Thank you @atl_kris And @djsoundwave1 And @motedz for making the show sound and look amazing. I don’t know what I did to deserve all these sweet people but I love y’all and miss y’all already. @arinraycamp you’re a fn superstar and I’m forever such a fan of you. Thank you for blessing this tour.

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